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Pensacola Real Estate Investments

Steps to success include what you are going to specialize in, develop a method to define your target audience, and then attract them with a well-written message using different types of media. So what would you like to specialize in?

Single Family Homes are a very stable market to invest, as people always need a place to live. Families, especially, prefer homes with yards, located in neighbors where their children can play safely. The single family home could also be a lease-option purchase with you holding the note.

Resort, Condo, Vacation Property can make some great profits for several reasons. This type of real estate is generally owned by people who live some distance away from the property and there is a high likelihood that this real estate is not used very much anymore. The properties may be vacant for long periods of time so the owners may be more likely to allow you to option the property or lease/purchase it with the right to access it so that you can show it to prospective buyers.

Multi-Dwelling Properties offer more value per square foot, based on multiple- occupancy. You see, with multi-dwelling properties you have an appreciating asset. No only is it appreciating every month but your tenants are paying off your mortgage. So between the appreciation and the mortgage pay down, your equity just gets bigger and bigger!

Multi-dwelling properties will give you greater Cash Monthly. In just a short time, you can build yourself a substantial passive monthly income just from your multi-dwelling properties.

Manufactured Homes are helping to fulfill a need for affordable housing. The manufactured home is undoubtedly the most efficient, practical and affordable housing ever created. The demand for used manufactured homes with seller financing and affordable payments, have increased tremendously over the past several years, simply because of the increased prices for new manufactured homes, and stick built homes.

Commercial includes hotels/motels, strip malls, office complexes, mobile home parks, storage units, parking lots, garages, restaurants, stores, apartments for five or more families, and others. Commercial investing is highly specific and dependent on understanding financial records and cash flow. Requires additional education and confidence in working with high capital clients.

Raw Land includes vacation, recreational, sub-dividable residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and special purpose lots. Specializing in land will involve the understanding of wetland issues, utility placement, encroachment and other issues with regard to undeveloped land.

 Pensacola REO & Pensacola Beach REO Properties


A Pensacola REO or Pensacola Beach REO (Real Estate Owned) is a property that goes back to the mortgage company after an unsuccessful foreclosure auction. Most foreclosure auctions do not even result in bids.

Foreclosure sales in Pensacola and Pensacola Beach begin with a minimum bid that includes the loan balance, any accrued interest, plus attorney’s fees and any costs association with the foreclosure process.
Since what is owed to the bank is almost always more than what the property is worth, very few foreclosure auctions result in a successful sale. Then the property “reverts” to the bank. It becomes an REO, or “real estate owned” property.

The Pensacola or Pensacola Beach bank now owns the property and the mortgage loan no longer exists. The bank will handle the eviction, negotiate with the IRS for removal of tax liens and pay off any homeowner’s association dues. As a purchaser of an REO property, the buyer will receive a title insurance policy and the opportunity to investigate the property.

A Pensacola REO or Pensacola Beach REO bank owned property might not be a great bargain. Contact a Gulf Coast Home Expert professional to assist you. Do your homework. Make sure that the price you pay (if you’re successful) is comparable to other homes in the neighborhood.

Perdido Key Properties


A narrow strip of snow white beaches and crystal blue waters, Perdido Key is located in the Northwest Panhandle of Florida where we share our habitat with the natural plant and wildlife that include the osprey, dolphin, and loggerhead turtle . . . THE KEY is also home to the yearly migration of the “Northern Snowbirds,” as well as to a year round community sheltered among her bayous and bays.
Gulf Coast Home Experts provide FREE information on Florida Gulfcoast foreclosures and Alabama Gulfcoast foreclosures.   There are no lists to buy and no sign-up fees to access this information.

Our associates know the Perdido Key REO market and can negotiate the best price for you on any local listing.

Perdido Key REO listings are bank owned properties, not short sales. Perdido Key foreclosures, like our listings, are ready to be sold. The listing price is below market and offers are usually negotiated within 3-7 business days.

Many opportunities are waiting for you, so get ready to find your bargain! You can begin your Perdido Key foreclosure search here on our site, or contact us directly for a personalized search emailed to you.

Gulf Coast Foreclosures


Our website is your one stop destination which will provide you with the detailed Gulf Coast Foreclosure Listings along the Florida Panhandle Gulfcoast and Alabama Gulfcoast. Our Florida Gulfcoast Foreclosure Listings consist of updated information about all sorts of Florida Panhandle foreclosures including:
1.    Escambia county foreclosures (Pensacola foreclosures, Pensacola Beach foreclosures, Perdido Key foreclosures, Cantonment foreclosures)
2.    Santa Rose county foreclosures (Gulf Breeze foreclosures, Pace/Milton foreclosures, Navarre/Navarre Beach foreclosures)
3.    Okaloosa County foreclosures (Fort Walton Beach foreclosures, Destin foreclosures, Crestview foreclosures, Niceville foreclosures).
4.    Our Alabama Gulfcoast Foreclosure Listings consist of Orange Beach foreclosures, Gulf Shores foreclosures, Foley foreclosures, Daphne foreclosures, Fairhope foreclosures and Mobile foreclosures.

Gulfcoast foreclosure homes are in various stages such as Pensacola pre foreclosures,  Pensacola foreclosure auctions, Pensacola Real Estate Owned foreclosures or any other kind of gulfcoast foreclosure home. Our gulf coast foreclosure listings also provide information on government Pensacola foreclosure homes such as HUD homes, VA homes etc.

Thus you are sure to find all sorts of Florida gulf coast foreclosure homes and Alabama gulf coast homes in our listings. Simply click on the area of your choice and get information on your desired property such its price, complete address, its detailed description, its current status and much more.

Buying Pensacola Beach Foreclosures?

Allow Doc Tant to find you the perfect Pensacola Beach foreclosure property for sale! I specialize in a variety of Pensacola Beach properties including: Pensacola Beach foreclosures, Pensacola Beach bank owned, Pensacola Beach REOs, Pensacola Beach vacation homes, Pensacola Beach foreclosed residentials, duplexes, Pensacola Beach condos, townhomes, Pensacola Beach short sales, Pensacola Beach investment homes, Pensacola Beach short term rental homes, and even Pensacola Beach pre-foreclosures.

Find the help you need with relocation, moving, and help as a first time buyer too. You can find it all on my website. In fact, make your property search easier, and become a VIP Buyer. Get immediate information on ALL new Pensacola Beach foreclosure property listings that match your criteria by email.  As always, if you have any questions about the Pensacola Beach Florida real estate market, or finding that perfect home here in Pensacola Beach Florida, please let me know!

What Is a Gulf Coast Foreclosure?

Foreclosure on the Florida Gulfcoast is the legal process by which a mortgage company can obtain legal ownership of a property. It relinquishes a homeowner from any and all right to the property and evicts the homeowner from the premises. How can you stop a Gulfcoast Foreclosure process? Contact Gulf Coast Home Experts at 850-393-5134.

A typical scenario:
Most lenders initiate foreclosure after 3 missed monthly payments. A “file” is turned over to attorneys for processing. Attorneys are usually not much help in stopping a foreclosure in process. The file may also be turned over to a lender’s loss mitigation department. Once a loss mitigation expert is assigned, they may attempt to contact the owner in an effort to resolve the delinquency through various repayment options.

There may be liveable and possible alternative repayment options that can be managed. These are determined by the type of loan, how long the loan has been held, the lender, financial position and many other factors.

When a home owner is unable to make the monthly mortgage payment on his or her house, resulting in a default against the mortgage, a lender will foreclosure on the home in order to sell it at a public auction to recover the money owed by the loan. If any money remains after the loan is paid off, the remainder is applied towards any junior liens and encumbrances in the order of their priority. Any further excess would be paid to the owner.

Pensacola Beach Foreclosures / Short Sales

A Pensacola Beach short sale-foreclosure is the sale of a house/condo where the sale price is less that what the current homeowner owes on the mortgage.  Lenders may agree to a Pensacola Beach short sale and take a loss on the loan instead of going through the lengthy foreclosure process.  If the lender does agree to a short sale foreclosure, in most cases they will sell the Pensacola Beach house for less than it is worth and forgive the rest of the loan that is owed.

A Pensacola Beach short sale can be a great opportunity for everyone involved.  The seller gets out from under a mortgage liability that they can no longer afford.  The buyer gets a Pensacola Beach home/condo at a reduced price.  The lender minimizes their loss without going through the long foreclosure process and possibly be stuck with an unsalable property.  The congressional Joint Economic Committee found earlier in 2008, that foreclosures could cost lenders as much as $50,000 per foreclosure.

Buyers should work with real estate agents who are familiar with the Pensacola Beach short sale foreclosure process.  The process itself can be a lengthy, frustrating one.  Dr. Cynthia Tant will help with the negotiating process and also inform the buyer what type of paperwork they are going to need in order to convince the lender that a short sale foreclosure is the best option for that Pensacola Beach piece of property.

If you are considering a Pensacola Beach short sale, make sure you get everything in writing.  If the lender agrees to take a Pensacola Beach short sale get it in writing that you will be absolved of all debts associated with the mortgage.  Dr. Cynthia Tant is your Pensacola Beach short sale / foreclosure specialist, contact me today!!

Steps to a Pensacola Beach Short Sale!

Short sales are not necessarily complicated but do require some work on your and your agent’s part.
1.  What is the true value of your property.  Cindy Tant, professional Pensacola-Pensacola Beach short sale foreclosure expert, can provide a “market analysis” and give you a good idea of what your home might sell for.

2.  Calculate your estimated closing costs. Items such as a title report, escrow, appraisal, attorney fees, agent commissions, unpaid property taxes etc. may add up to a substantial amount of money.

3.  How much you owe on your property? Include all loans on the property in your calculation.

4.  Calculate your equity.  If your closing cost estimate plus your loan amounts are higher than the value of your property then a short sale is a possibility.

5.  Contact your lender and explain your situation. Usually lenders have a ‘loss mitigation department’ that you can contact. Allow Doc Cindy to work with the lender, grant them access to your file.  Lenders are under no obligation to accept a Pensacola Beach short sale but many times it is in their best interests to do so.

6.  Consider your tax obligations! Do not underestimate this! Many times there can be a substantial tax obligation after a short sale has occurred.

7. Let me work for you to find a buyer and sell your property. The lender will still have to approve the buyer’s offer but once they do you can sell your property.

For more tips about short sales / foreclosures on Pensacola Beach:
CALL/TEXT Doc Cindy 850-393-5134
(Pensacola-Pensacola Beach Foreclosure/Short Sale Specialist)

Pensacola REO

President Barack Obama’s Foreclosure Plan has been designed to assist with mortgage help but getting the balance right will be tricky. Mr. Obama’s plan is, at the very least, a start. The subprime crisis and foreclosure glut have been leading causes of the current economic dive.

The centerpiece of President Obama’s Foreclosure Plan is a $75 billion investment — drawn from the financial industry bailout money approved by Congress — that would go directly to keeping homeowners in their houses. A portion would allow those without enough equity to refinance, affecting as many as 5 million people. An owner would be eligible provided his or her mortgage does not exceed 105 percent of current property value. Currently, one in four people nationally is underwater on a mortgage, meaning they owe more than their house is worth, the result of plummeting home values.

A second component, affecting about 4 million people on the verge of foreclosure, would provide incentives to banks to alter the terms of loans to make them more affordable. The goal would be to reduce monthly mortgage payments to 31 percent of a homeowner’s income.

The last piece of the package would seek to increase credit available for loans by giving $200 billion more to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  However, many people will end up losing their homes to foreclosure.  Search here for the current Pensacola foreclosed homes.

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Are you a real estate investor or homebuyer looking to purchase a Pensacola bank-owned property (REO) with Gulf Coast Home Experts? With the number of bank-owned foreclosures rising nationwide, there has never been a better time to purchase Pensacola real estate owned by banks.

Pensacola REO Buying Checklist:
There are three different stages at which you can buy a Pensacola foreclosure property:

(1) Homebuyers can purchase a Pensacola foreclosure property before a foreclosure auction takes place.

(2) Homebuyers can purchase a Pensacola property at the public foreclosure auction.

(3) A Pensacola REO property can be purchased from the bank if no one bids at the public sale and the bank repossesses the property.

Once a property is repossessed by a bank or lender, the property will probably be listed for sale through a Pensacola real estate agent, Gulf Coast Home Experts. Before you consider plunging into the Pensacola foreclosure market, without the assistance of a real estate professional, be sure to do some in-depth research.

Here is a list of things you can do to successfully purchase a bank-owned Pensacola REO with Gulf Coast Home Experts:

1. Inspect the Property.
Most Pensacola foreclosure properties are referred to by investors as “distressed” properties. Pensacola Bank-owned foreclosure homes are usually sold “as is,” which means that the 15 percent discount you just saved on the purchase price can easily be eaten up by unforeseen expenses — such as repairs not immediately apparent in an exterior inspection. Many owners of homes that go into foreclosure have been struggling financially, which usually means that the house has not received needed repairs or general maintenance for a while. Some homeowners who lose their property to a lender frequently damage the property. So be prepared to do renovations and repairs. Hire a licensed home inspector to give you a written estimate of the cost to repair the property. Budget that number into your purchase price. Repair costs can be used later in your negotiation with the bank to reduce the asking price.

2. Title Search.
Once a home has been located, search the public records for liens and outstanding taxes. Best to hire a Pensacola title company to run a full, insured title search before closing the deal. Liens on the property can drive up the purchase price. Common liens typically are placed on a property for unpaid loans borrowed against the property, taxes or unpaid contractors (mechanics liens). These liens remain intact until the money is paid, which means that you may have to pay off the liens on the foreclosed property you are buying — even though you’re not the one who didn’t pay the property taxes. Banks should clear the title before selling but never assume this is the case — just as you would if you were buying a property from anyone else.

3. Negotiate.
Be prepared to negotiate a lower down payment, a lower interest rate, a reduction in closing costs and a lower asking price. Many lenders may be willing to waive some closing costs, maybe even offer a break on the interest rate or the down payment. Moreover, some lenders might offer to finance the property at a below-market rate or with a lower-than-usual down payment. Don’t be afraid to ask for a better price and favorable termsfor a Pensacola REO.

4. The Offer.
Although most banks want to unload their foreclosed properties, they won’t necessarily do so cheaply. So you aren’t guaranteed a fabulous price. But remember you’re dealing with an eager seller. Even though the bank’s REO manager or their listing agent might suggest that the list price is “firm,” never be afraid to negotiate price — especially if the Pensacola foreclosed bank-owned home needs repairs. When submitting a low offer, you need to substantiate the reduced price in writing and document your case. You should furnish photographs and cost estimates for repairs to support your offer amount.

5. Financing.
With good credit, many banks will loan the full price of the foreclosure or more. If the home is to be used as a rental, many banks will require only a 10 percent down payment. Pensacola foreclosure investors with a large amount of equity in another home may get a line of credit from their bank to purchase a foreclosure. When they convert the line of credit to a mortgage, no down payment may be required.

Contact Cindy 850-393-5134 or to get additional details on buying Pensacola REO properties with Gulf CoastHome Experts.

Pensacola Real Estate IRA – Diversify Your Retirement Investments

Today’s interesting Pensacola real estate market is making for some great opportunities. With the power of self directed real estate IRAs, ALL GAINS INSIDE AN IRA ACCOUNT ARE TAX FREE. Buy at historically low prices and reap the future benefits tax free.

Why Pensacola Real Estate IRAs? The proceeds from the sale of real estate in a Pensacola Real Estate IRA can be reinvested in another property without federal and state taxes, allowing more principle to grow for retirement.

Over time, Pensacola real estate investments have afforded many people with a powerful combination of appreciation and income. Purchasing Pensacola real estate through a self‐directed retirement plan is a popular investor choice.

A self‐directed IRA or Pensacola real estate IRA gives freedom to invest in non‐traditional assets, such as single‐family and multi‐unit homes, apartment buildings, co‐ops, condominiums, improved or unimproved land (leveraged or unleveraged), commercial property, Trust Deeds, Tenant in Common Interests, and many more.